Sonic Studios - Professional Audio Production

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to record my album and how much will it cost?
Well, this depends on several things and is very difficult to give an exact figure. Firstly, what is the purpose for your recording? Is it a full album or a demo? How many songs do you want to record and what kind of music is it? Then we will need to find out your line-up, how many instruments you will be recording, which instruments, how many vocals, and will you be recording 'live' or tracking each instrument individually? Are you using live drums or are you programming drums. And lastly, how well rehearsed are you? Everything in the studio takes at least double, if not more, the amount of time you think it will take. First there is the recording and arrangements, then overdubbing, editing, mixing and finally mastering. The mixing and mastering alone can take a day. For more information on our hourly and daily rates, please visit our Rates page or email us on sonic0studios(at) for a more detailed quote.

Do you offer artist promotion, duplication and marketing?
No. We are simply the recording studio, on completion of recording you will receive your master CD. We can provide contacts for duplication.

I want to be a pop star but don't know where to start, can you help?
Mmmmm. Well, firstly have your written your own songs? Do you have a well rehearsed band together? Or do you want to come in and record a demo CD with backing tracks for the purpose of finding live gigs? These are some of your choices. Once you are ready, give us a shout and we can record you.

Do you supply the instruments?
Um, no. Please bring all your own instruments to the studio, including your own drum kit. We have a Roland A50 keyboard which we use for programming.

Which software do you use?
We use CuBase SX 5 and Reason among others.

Is there anything else I need to know before coming into the studio?
Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! Bring a producer if possible, someone who knows the music, purpose and plan. And of course, save up $$ before making the booking!